What actually is LED Therapy?

First things first - yes, LED Light Therapy uses similar lights to those your electrician has been recommending for the lounge. No, you can’t hold a light bulb to your face to get the same results. There is more to it than that, so here’s a bit of the science behind how the mask works. 

LED Light Therapy was discovered by NASA back in the 80s. When they were trying to grow plants in zero-gravity, they stumbled upon the fact that, when using the right colours and wavelengths, LED lights can enhance cell growth and the healing of wounds. 

The human body is made up of trillions of different cells and it turns out that some of these cells react to different colours. When coloured LED lights are emitted into the skin tissue at the right wavelength, these cell reacts in their own special ways.  

Permaderm is New Zealand’s leading at home LED Light Therapy Mask that uses seven different colours to access these cells and give them the boost they need.   

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