IlluSpa - Full-Body LED Light for Acne and Anti-Ageing

$399.99 NZD

IlluSpa Omega offers a premium full-body LED Light Therapy experience.

How can it benefit me?

Hundreds of LED lights spread across your body emit skin-replenishing colours to:

  • Reduce signs of ageing and help tighten large pores
  • Boost collagen production
  • Naturally control acne
  • Rapidly reduce blemishes and scarring
  • Unlimited-use device


    Scientifically-proven colour-specific treatment benefits:

    Red // tōwhero - boosts collagen formation to help smooth wrinkles, this mitigating the effects of ageing. Contains wound healing properties, heals severe burns, helps with skin repair. Energizes and relieves congestion of the liver. Stimulates the production of adrenal hormones. Increases the production of mood elevating and pain reducing neurotransmitters (endorphins and enkephelins).

    Blue // kahurangi - bacteria in acne contains Porphyrins, which are killed by blue light. Also calms nerves and builds vitality – resets the biological clock and has a cooling and soothing affect which can assist with the healing of burns.

    Green // kākāriki - a detoxifier and aphrodisiac, contains anti-bacterial properties helping to strengthen the immune system. Also helps relieve stress and builds.

    Yellow // kōwhai - builds collagen to increase skin elasticity, helps with mental concentration, fortifies the hormonal system, and facilitates parasite elimination.



    Technical information

    • 200+ independent LED bulbs
    • NZ 230v power supply
    • Clinical-grade output intensity ranges between 45 - 105 mW/cmdepending on the colour used (e.g. red light emits approx. 105 mW/cm2 whereas blue is approx. 45 mW/cm2). Note output intensity compares to and/or greatly exceeds in many cases the output intensity of other LED light therapy solutions on the market. 
    • Colour-specific wavelengths in nanometer (nm) units:
      • Red: 650nm (1-6mm dermal penetration)
      • Blue 463nm (1mm)
      • Green 527nm (0.5-2mm)
      • Yellow: 590nm (1-2mm)


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