Tried every lotion and potion known to man-kind?

According to the cupboard in my bathroom, I’m an absolute sucker.  I have tried every moisturiser under the sun, each of which has promised me the ever elusive 'Fountain of Youth' in a fancy jar. 

It’s only recently that I’ve realised that there is only so much an expensive cream can do. It turns out the actual reason behind my increasing fine lines and sagging skin isn’t because the moisturiser I was using “wasn’t right for me”, but because I’m human and with age our collagen production decreases.  

Now, I’m not bagging moisturisers as I use them on the daily (just ask my bathroom cupboard). There are so many wonderful benefits to a good moisturiser and they absolutely have their place in your skincare regime - they will hydrate your skin, replenish moisture and sometimes they smell like fresh wild flowers - unfortunately, the one thing they can’t do is boost collagen. 

Red Light Therapy

At the crux of it, moisturisers don’t actually penetrate your skin so therefore can’t affect it on a cellular level and repair the tissue. Years of studies have shown that a way that you can actually stimulate these cells is by using red LED light to really get under the skin and activate the collagen producing cells.

With Permaderm you can now have this non-invasive treatment in your own home without paying through nose for it.  Specialising in LED Light Therapy products, check out Permaderm's clinical-grade IlluMask Pro for your all your collagen boosting needs.